Make the Most of your Smartphone

To make the most of your iPhones, you have to download additional applications, install some expensive programs and even buy ringtones and songs from iTunes. Some of these are unavoidable, while other can be solved easily by using free applications such as the iPhone 4 Ringtone Maker. The name pretty much speaks for itself and those who want to have a personalized ringtone will be delighted by this app.

We all have our favorite tunes and aspire to import them on our smartphone as well, so when somebody gives us a call, there won’t be ten people checking up their iPhones. That is why it comes as a relief the capability of Im TOO’s iPhone 4 Ringtone Maker to trim audio segments and select the exact part of the song that you want to use as a ringtone. Those who depend on their alarm clock each day will appreciate having a pleasant tune waking them up, although sooner or later any alarm song will get to you.

If you thought that the iPhone 4 Ringtone Maker is an amazing app, you’ll be thrilled to hear that it comes as a bonus to the main application iPhone 4 Video Converter. Compatible with any iPhone model, it will enable you to import all the video files you enjoy watching on your computer, to take them with you on your travels. DVD movies can be ripped with a single click and transformed into a manageable format that will run smoothly on your smartphone.